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This page allows you to purchase your desired pricing option from the lists below.

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Buy Memberships

Please note that ALL memberships are direct debited weekly for a period of 3 months.

Mat/Barre Membership2 x Mat &/or Barre classes$40
Combo Membership1 x Mat/Barre +
1 x Group Equipment
Class Membership 13 x Mat &/or Barre classes$50
Class Membership 22 x Group Equipment classes$50
Studio Membership2 x Small Group Studio Sessions$70

Buy Group Class Packs

Mat &/or Barre30 min - casual pass$15
Mat &/or Barre55 min - casual pass$25
Mat &/or Barre30 min - 5 class pack$60
Mat &/or Barre55 min - 5 class pack$100
Group Equipment55 min - casual$35
Group Equipment30 min - 5 class pack$80
Group Equipment55 min - 5 class pack$135

Buy Studio Packs

Initial Consultation55 min - single session$80
Private Session55 min - single session$85
Private Session55 min - 5 pack of sessions$400
Small Group Studio55 min - single session$45
Small Group Studio55 min - 5 pack of sessions$190
Small Group Studio55 min - 10 pack of sessions$360