Carolyn (Caz) Howard

Studio Owner and Principle Trainer
Carolyn (Caz) Howard

Carolyn started her Pilates journey over 17 years ago when living in Tasmania, Australia. A keen runner, Carolyn had sustained an injury and was told by her medical practitioner to stop running. Thankfully, her osteopath mentioned that she had heard about this, then little known, discipline called Pilates that had a very holistic approach to wellness and rehabilitation. Immediately captivated by the mind / body connection of the practice Carolyn had found her calling… and still runs today.

In the Pilates method Carolyn could see the opportunity to reach the needs of individuals who were looking for anything from peak performance to injury recovery. From being the best version of themselves to degenerative physical condition rehabilitation. Carolyn saw the various elements of Pilates as pieces of a puzzle that could be put together to meet the diverse goals of her clients.

Today Carolyn practices from her renowned studio in Port Macquarie, Australia and is committed to delivering the highest standard of one-on-one, class and group instruction and is also a trainer of the Pilates method.

Carolyn is a Principle Trainer in the Pilates method, the highest level of membership from the Pilates Alliance – received in recognition of her experience and qualifications.


Advanced Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction

Diploma in Remedial Massage

Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment

Bachelor of Communications